ZTE Blade 3

Welcome to ZTEBlade3.com. This site is dedicated to the ZTE Blade 3 (also known as the ZTE Skate Acqua) , a budget Android smartphone, and the third in the popular Blade series. Many Android devices develop a big community, driven by those who wish to improve and hack their devices. However, the Blade series has drawn an exceptional number of developers and hackers into the community, due to the low price point and powerful specifications - the ZTE Blade being no exception.

Our aim is to provide a number of easy to read guides to hack your ZTE Blade 3, step by step. We don’t use any unnecessary jargon, just plain English that even a five year old could understand. All our guides explain each step in detail, divided into several pages for readability navigation.

Whether you want to root or install a custom ROM, we’ve got it covered. Check out the sidebar on the left for a list of our guides and tutorials.